25 Aug 2021




We have seen our near and dear ones struggling for employment opportunities. Some of them think to start up their own businesses but fail to do so because of lack of proper and practical knowledge.  The reason for this is solely the lack of practical knowledge to students and moreover considering marks and degrees more important than the actual knowledge gained. It is very well known to us that whenever we search for jobs or start something, we need to have theoretical as well as practical knowledge for the same. All the companies do not look for just the scholars with brilliant marks and no experiential knowledge, they rather search for people who are well-verse in their field.

It is very clear to us that the educational institutions in India do not offer much of the practical knowledge to students. Teachers come to the class, explain things, give notes and leave. Subjects like History, Political science, Psychology can be understood if explained theoretically. But how will students be able to completely understand Physics, Chemistry, Informative Practices and other such subjects without actually having the practical knowledge. People like to show off a lot about their kids studying in English- medium schools and learning English. But they are just being taught to write English, how and where are they going to develop the fluency in speaking that language?

Some of the private schools have understood the benefits and importance of practical education and have developed Smart boards and labs so that the students will at least be able to visually see what they have been taught and we remember things that we have visually seen more than what we have just heard. Most of the schools are still to move towards providing better practical education to students. The sooner they understand, the betterit will be for their students. 

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