24 Aug 2021




“A FEMINIST is anyone who recognizes the equality and humanity of women and men”

Feminism is not about hating men, But about uplifting women and ensuring that they get equal opportunities in every field. The main idea behind feminism is to challenge the systematic inequalities women face on a daily basis.

Unfortunately in India, the term “feminism” is highly misunderstood. There is no risk in saying that India still lacks when it comes to feminism, There are states where women have to go through a lot of mental struggle to give birth to a girl child, have to prove themselves to get into her favorite field, Have to struggle to persue her profession and education after marriage and the list doesn’t end.

Fake feminism is a false idea of hating men, putting them down. True feminists encourage women to do same jobs as men, to get same pay as mens get, to be treated same as men and not to be stereotyped. Feminism is a dynamic movement and a driver of social change. Feminism is making society believe that women’s place is more than just being in a kitchen, she is capable of everything, and stopping her potential and capability to some extent is unfair.

Feminism is rather a controversial topic. It has lead to many positive changes and those changes are clearly visible if we compare the status of women earlier and status of women now by seeing our grandma’s and moms and then us .

Earlier women were deprived for basic needs like stepping out, speaking for herself, making her own decisions, having a voice, opting for education and as time’s passed it became more gender stereotypical- Women are not made for technical things, women cannot take her financial decision, women are bad drivers, etc. But now things are changing, and women are ranking in almost every field, be it finance, entrepreneurship, music, aviation, science, technology, entertainment etc. But it also has negative impacts and one of them is “FAKE FEMINISM” it has changed and altered the whole of idea of feminism and its somewhat misguiding the youth. Fake feminism is a term used when women take advantage of being a women to get out of certain situation and accuse innocent men and as a movement of feminism that news starts spreading like fire on social media, and nobody even bothers to listen to the whole story because every coin has two sides, and as a responsible citizen, one should get an idea about both the sides rather being a judge and jumping straight into the conclusion.

Because of fake feminism, Many innocent men lost their job, respect, fame, money, projects, family and in some cases their lives too.

“Fake” feminism attempts to reap the social benefits of moderate self-proclaimed feminism while still complying with patriarchal rules that perpetuate gender disparities.Being a women doesn’t automatically make you feminist. It takes your words and actions, it requires your willingness to oppose and acceptance of being opposed by society. It makes gender identification its sole prerequisite even though mere identification does nothing to help the cause for gender equality. The main vision behind true feminism is to break the rules of gender-biased society. Fake feminism forgets that if we are to create a gender-inclusive world, we must first exclude practices and individuals who perpetuate inequality. 

In conclusion, Feminism is a great movement to uplift other womens and make the society a happier place for a women to live.

True feminism is an effort of creating a world where every person deserves to be respected irrespective of his/her gender. Its a genuine effort to create equality in society so that women can get better opportunities and be an asset to the society rather than just being in a kitchen and limiting her potential. But fake feminism is an enemy and its high time we figure it out and speak about it.

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