Importance of Skills in New India

21 Aug 2021

Importance of Skills in New India


Importance of Skills in New India

Jawaharlal Nehru delivered in his talk on Tryst with Destiny where he said “The achievement we celebrate today is a step, an opening of opportunity, to greater triumphs and achievements that awaits us. Are we brave and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge for our future generations? Today, when we are at the verge of 75 years of Independence, it seems that the time to evaluate and measure the growth and re-imagine where we need to be and what is the right path that can take us to a brighter future.


India is one of the youngest nations in the world with 62% of the population in the working-age group and about 54% of the population below 25 years of age. With billions of youth joining the workforce year after year, and industry is looking for a productive and skilled workforce.

Unemployability becomes a bigger problem than unemployment; 90% of what we learn at our academic institutes is knowledge, whereas 90% of what employers ask for is skills.


" Skills cannot be attained by books, they need practical display and knowledge"


58% of India’s youth suffers from some skill deprivation and the ones that get employed don’t get the right wage. Traditionally, our Education system has been the one offering degrees and making promises of decent wage employment, however as industries evolved their requirement for a skilled workforce started increasing. A parallel skills development ecosystem should be created where students would go to college to get a degree and parallelly go to skill-providing institutes to learn skills to make themselves employable.


The employment landscape has been rapidly changing in India and demanding newer skills. Many jobs give importance to cognitive skills and system skills over other abilities. However, upskilling and reskilling of their workforce had not been an important area of focus for employers, thus leaving the skill development and funding for skilling to the employees themselves. The biggest question that we continuously ask ourselves is who pays for the learning? Job seekers are willing to pay for jobs but not learning, employers are willing to pay for skilled workforce but not for skilling them and the Government has been the one who has been focussing on funding for skilling programs. NSDC (National Skills Development Corporation) was incorporated in 2008 and an independent Ministry of Skills & Entrepreneurship by the government with an aim to bring adequate focus on Skills Development.

With its young population, India should become the skill capital of the world, however, we will need to shift gears and focus on preparing and repairing skills of our youth and making them productive and employable.

"Make Youth skillful, which will in turn make your nation's future beautiful"

Jai hind!!


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