Toxic positivity

12 Aug 2021

Toxic positivity


How does Toxic Positivity show up in our everyday life?

There are many ways that Toxic Positivity shows up in our everyday life. It could be from our family members when they unintentionally invalidate our feelings by telling us to think positive or be grateful for what we have and that it could always be worse. It could be from memes that tell us to “just change your outlook to be happy.” It can come from other people when we see them post about how productive they are being while in lockdown. It can also come from ourselves when we judge ourselves for feeling negative emotions because we think we shouldn't feel them and always be positive.

Toxic Positivity During The Pandemic:

The current environment of the COVID 19 pandemic is incredibly dangerous and triggers our survival instincts leading to intensifying of emotions such as anxiety and fear. There is a lot of isolation, sickness and Job Loss and experience of shared trauma ,anxiety and loneliness. However social media has been flooded with " How To Be Productive In Quarantine!" while it is actually hard to learn things for our stressed out minds right now.

How To Avoid Toxic Positivy?

This is how we can avoid imposing Toxic Positivity on ourselves and others:

Recognising negative emotions as normal and an important part of the human experience
Identifying and naming emotions rather than trying to avoid them
Talking with trusted people about emotions, including negative feelings
Seeking support from non-judgmental people, such as trusted friends or a therapist
Encouraging people to speak openly about their emotions
Getting more comfortable with negative emotions
Avoiding trying to have a positive response to everything a person say
Recognising that intense negative emotions often coincide with powerful positive emotions, such as when profound grief signals intense love.

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