30 Jul 2021





There is no risk in saying that covid is something we all have to continue to live life with, After the downfall in 1st wave nobody expected the 2nd wave to be this dangerous, and obviously, India was not at all prepared for it. As Indians, we are born with the idea of not planning things in advance. Due to the very low literacy rate, we don’t analyze situations.


There were political rallies conducted in some parts of the country despite the spike in covid cases and the people who attended those rallies turned out to be the super-spreaders. Cases were going higher and higher and broke records of almost every country. The possibility of 3rd wave depends upon how we as a citizen takes responsibility of being vaccinated, avoiding being a part of crowded places, make sure that we take covid rules and regulations very seriously.

The world health organization (WHO) has set the alarm bells ringing as it is said that the world is at the very advanced stages of the third wave of the covid-19 pandemic. The 2nd wave of pandemic felt like a curse for India as whole social media was flooded with amplification and need of covid resources such as oxygen, beds, plasma, etc. We cannot predict what 3rd wave has in store for us. But, we can obviously prevent that from happening.  The national curve seems to have entered a declining phase now, after having peaked on May 6. in the last two weeks, the daily case count has dropped to about 2.6 lakh, while the active cases have come down to 32.25 lakh, after touching a high of 37.45 lakh.

The 3rd wave is a distinct possibility. It is likely to come, although there is no proper time or schedule for its arrival. But it is safe to say that it possibly won`t come if people continue to take strong measures. So if there is something that can control the occurrence of the 3rd wave it’s our efforts and responsibility as citizens to get jabbed as soon as possible and also make sure that we continue to take precautions even after getting fully vaccinated, because vaccinated people might act as a carrier for coronavirus.

As a government of India, politicians should make sure that they formulate rules and regulations in such a way that there should be more importance given to people who are in actual need of resources because leaders lead by example. Every action of government officials has a direct reaction to the citizens.   

Hence the responsibility lands on all of us to curb the third wave before it takes countless lives. As it is well-said precaution is better than cure. We need to take care of ourselves so that ultimately the spread of COVID-19 stops.

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