Turning passion into profession

24 Jul 2021

Turning passion into profession


Turning passion into profession 

We all had sweet dreams in our childhood that we’ll never forget. Every child gets excited trying new things and wants to do it again and again as it makes them happy and joyful. These small things do matter sometimes. 

All kinds of creativity and talent need to be appreciated and supported. Our society is blind when it comes to the ‘vision of life'. But everyone is special and needs support from their near dear ones for their work irrespective of the results. 

Many of us live our lives just to make ourselves happy and achieve that one goal that we had set for ourselves. People vividly name it as ‘hobby’, ‘passion’, etc. Also, discriminate against them from profession or career. Which might be true for some but not for others. 

Turning passion into a profession is one of the greatest achievements of life. It won’t be an easy crossover but it is not at all an impossible task. Passion is something that we like to do all the time, anyway, anytime. At the same time, a profession is something that you’ll do for your living. 

Now here, if you’re able to merge both of them then isn’t it going to be a cherry on top of the cake? Turning your passion into your career will take a lot of courage, effort, and focus on your goals. 

So, at first, you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to do this for a lifetime. Let’s say for example; Do you like to practice yoga?

If yes, Great! Do it in the mornings before school or in the evenings after work, because it is a good hobby to have!

Or are you a yoga enthusiast? Is it something that has been on your mind for a long time? And, because you're in the shirshasana position right now, are you reading this article upside-down?

No, this isn’t madness but it’s true passion and love for something which we like and would do throughout our lives. 

If you have answered the question of taking forward your passion as your career then plan it. Plan your pathway for life. Make it a deal to not compromise any day on your dream and make sure you give your 100% every day. 

Stay focused, work every day, train yourself and make yourself the best you can be. Go for it and make it come true. Also, at times things won’t work out even if you’re giving your one hundred percent. But, it’s time to go low and stay calm. Keep going, don’t stop, and make a comeback like never before. 

Assume you live for the adrenaline rush of climbing mountains and scaling steep rock cliffs that make me smile just thinking about them. It could be turned into a career. Being in love with something doesn’t mean it will stay with you forever. Similarly, turning passion into a profession shouldn’t be an obvious choice.

Make a choice wisely and once you’re into it then there’s no turning back.

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