16 Jul 2021




Lockdown in general was highly accepted as everyone took it as a vacation, It was believed that everything will be fine in a few days and situation will come under control as COVID was very new to each one of us, never in our dreams we imagined staying home just because of a virus which is so small and cannot be even seen with the naked eye.

Covid and The Lockdown have been really difficult times for people all over the world . Having to be at home all the time, not being able to meet family and friends , many people lost their loved ones and couldn’t even bid them the final goodbye . Students had to study online , attend their classes on online meeting platforms and were not able to move out and play.


But, as we know there are always two sides of the same coin. Similarly, Lockdown had been harsh on students but it has also helped students in a lot of things.

Students used to be so busy with their schools, colleges, coaching and tuitions that they had completely forgotten about their hobbies and passions. Most of their time was consumed in classes and travelling from home to school or tuition and back to home. Lockdown provided students with the chance to start following their passions and hobbies.

Similarly, students were obligated to focus only on their education before the lockdown and no one focused on their skills improvement. But, since they are home now and they have got time to look over their skills development as well. There are many e-learning platforms which students have been connected to for the same.

People started creating content, took time for the things that they loved doing, started working for their passion, developed a new hobby, started making videos, Students did all those things which otherwise wasn`t possible for them due to hectic schedules. Students started discovering and exploring themselves, they got to know about their passion, hobbies, and explored new areas of interest.

There was a unique hype when to comes to yoga, staying fir, doing suryanamaskars, eating healthy. People realized the importance of spending quality time with their families, and so started valuing relationships.


There is a saying that “ In the end , you are all you got “ . Before the lockdown , students were fully dependent on their parents for all the things . The home was maintained by their mothers and they got cooked meals at bed . But , since the lockdown they had to help their mothers with the household chores because the work burden had increased as all family members were home . So , they also got to learn a lot from their parents at home which will help them in future for being self-dependent .


And one most important thing they got to learn is that Family is the most precious thing in the world . They saw people losing their families due to Covid which made them realize the importance of family. Also , when they spent time with their parents , siblings and grandparents during lockdown , they realized that life can be enjoyed with family as well and not just friends .

So , the lockdown had brought in many positive changes among students and helped them become a more skilled , self-dependent and smart person .

As days passed people started getting frustrated, but when it comes to student, every student started being creative, started learning new skills, and they took it as a opportunity for being better version of themselves.

Like every situation has two sides: a positive side and a negative side, lockdown also was one of them, if we see generally, it had immensely affected our economy, monetary flow, business operation, education system, there is no doubt that it helped students in so many ways if we look at a positive side. Lockdown gave us so many trends. But in every different trend, there was one thing that was common and it was getting out of comfort zone and learning something new.


Lockdown might have drifted us apart but kept us connected virtually. Schools and colleges made sure that this shouldn`t affect the studies, so the new mode of teaching was introduced. Students became technologically advanced. They got to know that nothing can stop them for learning and growing. Despite being in a global pandemic students rose up to the occasion of having plenty of time at hand to do something productive and not just sit idle at home. They did not let the situation deter them at all and made the most of the situation.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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