Ego n Past

12 Jul 2021

Ego n Past


Ego n Past

"It erodes your present,

Impacts live unknowingly,

Lives affected are wounded for a lifetime,

Decisions are imposed,

Insecurities overpowered people,

Actions were taken with a positive thought

But every situation is different,

Every individual is unique,

You might never know other's abilities,

If you are not at peace with your past,

Stay calm,

Accept your past,

Accept your flaws,

Accept that you can never be a perfect guide,

But can be the best supporter,

Let new thoughts bloom,

Don't let it perish under

The darkness of Past and Ego,

Past is the bug

You can't get rid of,

Ego is like a termite

You need to kill it."

I feel everybody is in their own ego trip; everyone needs to substantiate themselves and to others that their conviction and path are better over others, so they will characterize a very special path, trust it, seek after it and make others follow. Essentially, everybody needs to take care of themselves with a customary portion of EGO, simply that various individuals require it in various dosages dependent on their knowledge. Directly from superstars to pioneers to the normal public, everybody needs to flaunt their ego with their own crowd. Extremely intriguing practices, 

  • · Some just accept their method of getting things done, everything done by others particularly by their counterparts isn't acceptable. 
  • · Some need to succeed to exhibit their ability by relying on others (designating on one side and satisfying on the other). 
  • · Some accept a specific goal in mind of saving the earth, all the other things aren't viable 
  • · Some accept  a specific goal in mind of expert methodology, others' are not really proficient - If it is my thought, it is extraordinary, in the event that it is yours, it is the hypothesis 
  • · Some need to do cultivating as the lone path to moksha 
  • · Like most need to seek after the path of realism, some need to seek after another as the lone path to harmony and success 
  • · Some need to vacation in costly retreats or unfamiliar jaunts, when at home need to be intense. 
  • Many pass up the greater objective, however, center around their immediate requirements and make them a need, which will bring about putting the ego on top of everything and get obsessed with it.

Let me know how your past baggages and ego effect your life in comments below.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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