09 Jul 2021




  • "It’s been over a year now,
  • Your silence is killing me,
  • Whose ego was at fault?
  • Was it mine…?
  • I lost my best friend,
  • I loved and cared for you,
  • You told me your secrets,
  • I told my insecurities,
  • I still care
  • For my old lost friend,
  • I know we hurt each other,
  • But I wish you were here,
  • I miss you
  • My lost best friend."

Friendship is significant in life since it's anything but an extraordinary arrangement about life. We take in such countless exercises from friendship which we will not be able to discover elsewhere. You learn how to cherish somebody other than your family. You realize that how people will act generally before companions. 

Friendship never leaves us on awful occasions. You learn to trust yourself and trust others. Your genuine companions will consistently rouse you and support you. They will take you on the correct way and save you from any malicious events.

Likewise, friendship additionally shows you a ton about forgiveness. It assists us with getting steadfast and receive dependability consequently. There could be no more prominent inclination on the planet than having a companion who is faithful to you. 

Besides, friendship makes us stronger. It tests us and helps us develop. For example, we perceive how we battle with our companions yet return together in the wake of making peace. This is the thing that makes us solid and shows us persistence. 

Subsequently, there is no doubt that dearest companions help us in our troubles and terrible occasions of life. They generally attempt to save us in our perils just as offer convenient counsel. True companions resemble the best resources of our life since they sympathize with our distress, soothe our pain, and cause us to feel cheerful.

Friendship is a necessity and needs to be treasured because it is equally brittle.

I hope you all never lose a friend and comment on how do you feel about this blog.

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