Child is meant to learn not to earn

27 Jun 2021

Child is meant to learn not to earn


Child is meant to learn not to earn

"A place of innocence,

A place where dreams are reality,

A place of infinite possibilities,

A place where mistakes were forgiven,

A place to play with toys not emotions,

A place with no worries"

Childhood is the age where a child is capable of learning everything he is taught and absorbing everything he saw in his early life. A child is highly influenced by the elders of the family specifically his mother and father.

Overall labour is characterized as work. Which is done to bear the cost of the essential necessities like food, attire, Shelter. The term labour and its clarification say that the top of the family or the individual who runs a family is treated as worker or specialist to meet the fundamental costs, But the term child labour characterizes that little children circumvent streets and work for 6 to 10 hrs. also, bring in cash by doing random temporary jobs. The expression child labour consistently have a regrettable underlying meanings. In the present improvement of India child labour is the word which features the unfortunate thing done by children around ghettos, beneath lower class individuals. Shockingly, child labour stays as a basic issue in the 21st Century specially in India.

One needs to understand the need of child education and the removal of the thought of gaining revenue with the help of these young innocent souls. Education is responsible for a person's personality growth. Therefore, a proper education for every child is necessary to survive in this world and live a respectful life.

Educate the people around you and make " Each one teach one" your motto.

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