How passion different from obsession?

26 Jun 2021

How passion different from obsession?


How passion different from obsession?

Stong feeling for something,

A true love to do something,

In life

Passion comes for your optimistic desires,

Your love or your career,

If you give up passion,

You become irritated,

An angry and stubborn person,

It kills you from inside,

Follow your passion,

No matter what happens,

Don't cross the line

To make passion - an obsession.

Passion is controllable and productive. It doesn’t control us or make us do things. While obsession is uncontrollable, you can’t stop it controlling you or making you do things. Obsession is more of an addiction.

 Passion means to enjoy an activity for itself, not for secondary gains. But obsessive behaviour is  different, it makes difficult to resist urge to do anything.

It all boils down to our controlling ability. When you move from passion to obsession, you loose control. Having passion can be very fulfilling and add on to your life and be a source of joy, it’s good to be mindful of not letting them turn into an obsession.

When you are passionate, people encourage you to work towards it, but when you are obsessed with something, people call you crazy and don’t want you to do that thing.

Being passionate is perceived positively, but when it turns into obsession or gets attached to unhealthy and makes people around you uncomfortable.

Let me know what you are passionate about in the comment section below????.

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