Confidence: A sense of individuality

25 Jun 2021

Confidence: A sense of individuality


Confidence: A sense of individuality

" A feeling of self acceptance,

Without a sense of arrogance

Or negative attitude"

Confidence ain’t about feeling superior to others. It’s an inner knowledge that you are capable and ready for every challenge and putting your best into it. It is believing in yourself and accepting yourself in your skin.

You should learn how to accept the praise, insult and challenges.  Read, read as much as you can, reading would add to your knowledge and to your personality too, reading can never go out of fashion. Take out time for yourself, working everytime won’t increase your efficiency, learn what you are good at, what you enjoy doing and adopt healthy lifestyle by aiming for a perfect balance between your work and your life, life is a bigger term than work. Surround yourself with confident people and people who will become your support when needed. How you present yourself also has a big impact on your personality ,so light up your wardrobe and yourself too. Stay away from negativity, and start appreciating people around you, it’s required for them and you too. Kindness would have a great impact on your personality. 

Confidence and trust are two interlinking qualities that are mutualistic. The beginning of the word 'confidence' is from the Latin word 'fider' importance trust. 

Self-confidence makes one autonomous while believing in others assists with building a solid relationship. Confidence is something that develops with time and experience. It's anything but a strength that needs to be helped by conviction, passion, and commitment.

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