What does pride mean to you?

12 Jun 2021

What does pride mean to you?


What does pride mean to you?

For me pride is accepting yourself as you are and never let anyone make you feel ashamed of who you are.

Pride is the cure to disgrace. As eccentric individuals, we have regularly spent enormous areas of our lives strolling around and continually considering how we present to others for our own endurance. We know being open about our sexualities and sex characters can accompany a genuine danger of viciousness in case we're excessively open with some unacceptable individual. We don't get the "advantage of insensibility" that customarily hetero individuals appreciate. We figure out how to be key and to be protected. Envision conveying that much uneasiness from consistent self-observing for what seems like forever. Since you can't simply "act naturally" in easy going circumstances, it can burden your mind and blend sensations of disgrace and neurosis.Pride is the means by which we get together and flip these spoiled contemplations the bird. In spite of the fact that we might be told in any case by the remainder of society, we realise we're carrying on with innocuous nice lives, and we're not going to be told something else. That, however we've fostered our own common culture, and we're quite loads of fun.

Here's a small story depicting the same,

“Yes, Goddess kali is my role model and I want be like her”, a 16 year old girl told her mother when asked to tie her hair neatly in a platted – tail.

Oh boy, this girl is like any other Indian 16 year old. Embarrassed with her looks due to unrealistic beauty standards, losing her confidence with every passing day because she is now turning into a grown woman not just physically but also mentally and no adult to share her experience with and top of that the pressure to act cool in front of the ruthless high school world. But her will to bring a change within and in her immediate society by not following the archaic ideas and putting her ideas forward, fearlessly, for the world to hear is what sets her apart.  Coming to her wild statement that could get her into trouble…

(Let us name her – Grace) Grace has developed a sudden interest in mythology these days and this is where the problem starts. She is now in dilemma as she discovers that she is nothing like Goddess Sita – an ideal wife and woman: she's exceptionally loyal to her husband and follows him into exile; she passes every test of her faithfulness to Rama, whom her grandmother praises as expects Grace to be like and eventually find her a Lord Ram like husband but she is and wanting to be more like Goddess Kali – represents power (Shakti of Shiva), fierce and passionate. Poor Grace, lord help her! 

We can all relate with Grace as we all grew up listening to beautiful mythological tales from our grandparents during those summer nights which were full of stars and technology for us was a Nokia keypad phone. We used to so dearly idealised these mythological characters that we now we find our present ideas of right and wrong always in conflict with our childhood. And it is equally agonising for our parents to come to terms with our contrasting personalities. 

Forbidden topics like one’s sexuality can get eyebrows raised at home but are equally important to discuss to make this society a more open and accepting towards millions of young people like Grace and with I wish you all a happy Pride Month!

I hope you are proud of who you are.

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