Is Diary your best friend?

01 Jun 2021

Is Diary your best friend?


My diary is not just pages and words but it is my world where I can share anything and I will be heard. A diary knows you better than anyone in this planet. It has your darkest secrets and overwhelming experiences, all throughout your life. I consider my diary my best friend and this is one of my diary's page:

"Dear Diary,

Today the weather is cold and wet. It is a nice day to sleep but surprisingly I am not sleeping today.  I am talking to you and reading about geology of volcanoes. I love doing these things and I need to be with you to have a strong heart. I know I am strong but your support is an assurance to my strength. 

Love you diary,

Yours truly"

Diary makes you a free bird with thoughts and emotions that you could never have potrayed in front of people even your loved ones.

A diary likewise empowers us to go through our since a long time ago forgotten past encounters and a more established adaptation of ourselves. We probably won't have the option to appreciate each episode that occurred previously, however certainly we can figure out how better our present is. We can evaluate the decisions we made, the manner in which we picked and unquestionably their results. The lovely pieces of life that can turn into a faint memory are consistently there to be invigorated in the pages of our diary and welcome a nostalgic grin on our countenances as we remember the recollections. Regardless of how much our life changes, recollections will consistently have a similar impact on us. 

Opening up to a diary gets tranquility and fulfillment the existences of the individuals who are under pressure or stress. A diary contains the key to our own advancement, delicate portrayals, profound considerations and concealed stories. It connotes the excellence and significance of appreciating one's conversation in isolation. It is the most advantageous and fascinating propensity that one should adjust to improve and thus store their life.

As Anne Frank wrote in her diary, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”

Let me know what you think about diary writing and what a Diary means to you in comments below. ????

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