Entrepreneurship: A silver lining

27 May 2021

Entrepreneurship: A silver lining


Entrepreneurship: A silver lining

"It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.”

Someone has rightly said that everyone has ideas and visions but only a few with will and motivation can make those ideas and visions into reality. An entrepreneur is an individual who is roused to fulfill a serious requirement for accomplishment in imaginative and innovative exercises. This imaginative conduct and creative soul shapes an interaction of an unending chain and is named as entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is likewise needed to deal with his business. He or she needs to perform both entrepreneurial and managerial func­tions. After the beginning of the business he turns out to be more as manager. 

Manager is one who represents considerable authority in crafted by arranging, putting together, driving and controlling the endeavours of others. He does it through methodical utilisation of his ordered information and standards. He ought to have a knowledge of occupation prerequisite, which he ought to constantly refresh. 

An entrepreneur should embrace the style of expert administration. He should sort out mana­gerial capacities by setting long haul targets, defining key arrangements, creating man­agement data framework, observing and assessment frameworks. He is needed to have the executives information identified with specialized, conservative, monetary, human and authoritative angles.

Every entrepreneur believes in "If opportunity doesn't knock, build your own door".

Our company is a bright example of entrepreneurship. Homeflic Wegrow started off like a small group of students who had a dream to make the largest learning platform not only in academics but also overall personality development. 

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