How to crack a job interview in virtual mode?

10 May 2021

How to crack a job interview in virtual mode?


How to crack a job interview in virtual mode?

Interviewing via Google Duo, Microsoft Teams or Zoom can be quite different from meeting in person, but you need to adapt to the current situation and not waste the opportunities lined up for you. To make sure your next virtual interview goes as smoothly as possible, you might the tips as mentioned in this blog.

First and foremost, log in and set up ahead of time: You would not turn up for a face-to-face interview seconds before it is due to start; the same holds true for a Google Duo or Zoom session. Ensure you start the program at least 10 minutes before the interview scheduled. This will ensure that you are ready and waiting when the interviewer comes online so that he or she doesn't think of you as inefficient at managing your time. Secondly Eliminate Distractions: Mute anything that could interfere with your conversation during the interview, including your phone and any notifications on your computer. Then comes the common point between face to face and virtual interview i.e Dress for success: While you may be taking the online interview from the comfort of your own home, you should still dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Then, body language is critical – even through the camera: An impression is formed within the first seven seconds of a meeting and your body language plays a vital role in forming an opinion about you by the interviewer. 

Be engaged while speaking to the interviewer and agreeing in between the conversation. Even if you are not comfortable with online interviews, try not to come across as a statue or over enthusiastic. Use hand gestures and emotions , the same way as you would during a face-to-face conversation.

 Most importantly, Stay calm if the technology goes wrong: Despite all the preparation, practice and precautions that you may take for your upcoming virtual interview, technology can always find a way to surprise you. 

 One should always have a backup plan since technology is notorious for malfunctioning at inconvenient times. Before your interview, be proactive and get in touch with the interviewer and decide mutually upon a backup plan in case of glitches. It is necessary for follow up after the call: This last step is no less important than it is after a ‘regular’ interview. After the interview, send a quick email via your recruiter to say that you enjoyed meeting them and learning more about the role and the company. 

Virtual interviews are gaining momentum and are beneficial in many ways to both corporates and applicants. With digitization, the application process has become more flexible and efficient. Thanks to digital progress, even during the pandemic there are hardly any restrictions on conducting job interviews and finding our right employee or your dream job this way.

The best part of an online interview is that you do not need to worry about a firm handshake! ALL THE BEST and keep the above tips in mind to get success in the next online interview.

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