Bucket list: Not only for Dieing people

03 May 2021

Bucket list: Not only for Dieing people


Do you have a bucket list? Have to tried to make one and do you know what it is?

A bucket list is a collection of dreams and goals that one desires to fulfill in his or her whole life time. You can build yourself a bucket list while reading this blog. So let's see what can be included in a bucket list:

- You can aim to reach a physical and mental fitness goal. It could overcoming your depression or loosing the unhealthy weight gain due to stress of academics or anything that you feel like doing to keep yourself fit.

- You can wish to witness a special moment like seeing a baby's birth or watching a transgender making a mark on this world.or anything out of the blue.

- You can learn a new skill like personality development and academic courses both are equally beneficial, so go ahead achieve something  which not only completes your bucket list but also gives you a learning of lifetime.

- Travel somewhere you always desired to go like Paris, Rome, Australia or any place in India.

- You can also have conversation with famous celebrities that you admire like Amitabh Bachchan or Michael Obama or some popstar.

- You can acquire a special item like branded clothes or a villa or something you wanted to have as a treasure.

- You can conquer your fear of various things like height, water, darkness or something else.

- You can also write a book and create your own legacy.

- You can gift someone the gift of love, care and hope.

Hopefully this will help you build a bucket list and live your life to the fullest.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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