PTSD : More than just a Mental disorder

28 Apr 2021

PTSD : More than just a Mental disorder


PTSD : More than just a Mental disorder

I would first like you all to hear a real-life story to understand PTSD better.

The story begins in the metropolitan city of India where someone’s baby pink was going to have her worst nightmare coming to reality. It started at a Research Institute which was independently run by a 67year old person. This institute actively worked between 1996 to 2016; providing various degree programs. In the year 2016, the director (owner) of the research institute went through a kidney transplant and then he worked from home and started accepting government state-level awareness projects, in addition to that some distant learning courses. In the summers of 2019,  he selected a girl pursuing a bachelor from a college in Mussoorie and the girl was named Payal. The girl was only 21 years old almost the age of his granddaughter. The first day of the internship was going on well when suddenly he held her hands and started showing off his astrology skills and told some things about her which were astonishingly true but she didn’t believe these things. Then, the second day turned out to be the same. Now came the day when the girl’s innocence was going to be exploited to the limit where she would be forced to dislike her own body. The day started normally but when he asked her to come close as he wanted to explain something about the software, his hands went at the Payal's back and then slides down. Payal was uncomfortable and moved a bit away from him. Then,  that man grabbed her hands tightly and started forcing himself on her. During this time, Payal was continuously saying No and pushing him away. After this, Payal was in shock, terrified and asked for the permission to leave. She instantly messaged her only trustworthy person, her big brother and told him that her mentor touched her inappropriately. Her brother suggested her to right away tell her parents but that was the toughest thing to do. So, Payal messaged the 67 yr old monster that his actions were not appropriate and he needs to stop. As the 67 yr old, was highly educated, Payal thought she has tackled the situation and that it won’t happen again to her. For the next few days, he didn’t touch her  but  gave explanation that “physical contact increases concentration”, “ love increases if spread to everyone”, “ you should not come to conclusion of a bad feeling till you have not spent enough time” and so on. Then after few days he started doing his dirty deeds again. Payal stood frozen there and couldn’t react to it anyhow. She screamed No, No but no one could hear her. He couldn’t stop there so he tried to get her to a corner but she asked to leave and was almost ready to cry. Payal was too scared to share this with anyone as she thought it was her fault that she went near him. For the rest of the days there it repeated again and again. Payal used to come back home and scrub her face so hard so that she could remove every dirt that she got from him. So, she was assaulted by 67year old man but it will never ever define her character. She made some mistakes but those were a learning that she took for the rest of her life. But after this traumatic event, she couldn't trust anyone and had trouble sleeping. She started having a poor appetite and lost confidence in herself. This all lead to her mental instability which was called PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). Everyone around her left her because she had too many mood swings and was very hard to understand. Counseling and therapies worked till a limit, at the end it was a battle inside her brain and only she could handle it. She still has it but she is now considered normal in the society.

I hope you understand how difficult to live with PTSD and how it feels.

I hope you guys understand and support the people going through it.

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