Safe Sex

27 Apr 2021

Safe Sex


Safe Sex

“A responsibility, an affectionate act,

Don't harm, just shower love"

The act of sex is performed by consenting individuals in a relationship through enthusiastic sentiments, which is proposed for reproduction and/or satisfaction. Safe sex is something that is mandatory as to avoid the risk of pregnancy. The results can incorporate the making of an offspring and more often than not STDs. To avoid them, birth controls should be used like condoms, female contraceptives, chastity and medical procedure to remain healthy and have a positive outlook towards sex. Just like marriage, sex is also a big responsibility. A responsibility which needs to be fulfilled by mutual attraction as well as respect. There has been a spotlight given to the subject of adolescent pregnancy, since this rate has been drastically increasing in the course of recent years. This is a direct result of experimentation and the curiosity of teenagers. Adolescents are inticed towards sex as a result of the absence of proper sex education and an absence of thought given toward the outcomes of their activities. Teenagers likewise represent a major part in terms of abortions also, which causes trouble over their future pace of sexual exercises. 

Sex is an incredible feeling. Everyone should be able to accept it and even reciprocate it.Sex education thus becomes an important subject to be taught in schools.The education system of our nation should incorporate this to avoid heinous crimes related to sex like rape, sexual assault, inappropriate touching, eve-teasing, cat-calling to name a few. Improper sex education has led to the adoption of rape culture in our society where people have normalised rape as to the fault of the girls for wearing provocative clothes. This has led to undermining women and keeping a check on what little girls wear. There is a prominent presence of males objectifying women and patriarchal thoughts making it difficult for women to even breathe. 

The increment in sexual action has additionally prompted a significant increase in the number of infanticides and abortions that are performed. This has prompted an increment in court disagreements regarding fetus removal and uproars over early termination. 

Safe sex is significant on the grounds that the actual risks associated with sex can be unimaginably harming and even hazardous. New sexually transmitted diseases are not a hush-hush subject anymore. They are more openly discussed now. Sex Education can help patients with herpes, ghoneria, syphilis, crabs and a lot more.There is still a lot to be done in this sector. People are beginning to talk about safe sex and consent. There should be talks, seminars,sessions and events until people don’t find it uncomfortable to talk about sex in public. 

  Sex is a beautiful act of love when performed by two consenting adults. It should be considered pure and raw emotion.

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