The Masculine Wounds

19 Apr 2021

The Masculine Wounds


The Masculine Wounds

Those strong bones,

Those heavy built muscles,

The hardships and the tussles, 

That’s how god made him,

To hustle from birth to death,

Smokes and chills, rants and thrills,

To smile for the world to popping the pills, 

He blazes like a fire, 

But no one’s knows how screwed up he is, 

Waiting for rain to stop him being a killer, 

But no ones knows he is a furless toy who just needs a filler,

The cuss he speaks, 

The punches he throws doesn’t makes him  Rambo,

Cause there are always tears beneath those flashy eyes,

Chest up and chin high that’s what a guy is taught,

The valiance you see but not the pains he fought, 

He needs love not sex all the time ,

But if he hold your hand it’s considered a crime, 

He is not a hippie high on drugs, 

But a cuddly bear inside who needs hugs,

But one day he will be in no pain ,

His forest fire will get his rain,

His shrouded emotions need not to be bold ,

Cause soon he will have a hand to hold ,

His daydream will be a realty that charms,

Cause his girl will not be a nightmare that haunts,

His smile will change,

His emotions will flourish, 

His dreams will come true ,

His tears will perish, 

Cause she is the warmth in his frost who won’t leave him forever,

His love and confidence,

He is now ready to face the world.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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