What would you do if you have only one week to live?

09 Apr 2021

What would you do if you have only one week to live?


"Life is what comes to us today and becomes a memory for yesterday"

I love my life with all the struggles, happy moments and family drama. If I were to live only for a week....it would be the toughest news my parents would hear but once they know it, they will never leave my side for a minute.

The only thing that is certain in our life is our mortality (death).

Even lord Krishna asks " Sooner or later death will come to all so why worry?"

The things I will do in a week before I die will be as follows:

1. Spend time in Europe and Canada for shopping and witnessing the Aurora events.

2. Write an autobiography and ask my best friend to publish it once I die.

3. Say sorry to everyone with whom I had emotional fights. I would ask for their forgiveness so that I can leave this planet in peace.

4. Go on a romantic date with my crush on a hill station and I would wear a red dress.

5. Thanking myself for not killing myself when I lost hope.

These things I would like to do in the last week of my life. 

I wish in next life I am a better a stronger version of myself.

Hope you like the blog, please let me know what would you do in your life's last week☺️????????????.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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