Why is it awkward to talk about taboo?

07 Apr 2021

Why is it awkward to talk about taboo?


Why is it awkward to talk about taboo?

" Hush..... don't talk about it in public,

It is something embarrassing,

It is something offensive,

It is a social custom to avoid,

Mental illness, sex education, periods, drugs, abortion, sexual assault, and so on,

These are some taboo topics.


Taboos are topics that are usually not talked about in society. There is a great necessity for the growth of our community.

Let's talk about each topic and their need to be openly talked about. In reality, though, many of the issues need to be shared, which deserve the air time – especially when it comes to physical and mental health matters. Like Mental illness: Like physical illnesses, we need to deal with our mind's health and be open about it. While they may be regarded as difficult conversations for anyone, the core issue directly impacts making sure the available communication channels are vital. Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are prevalent these days, so people need to be vocal about the same and stop judging people with mental illness.

Some awkward talks on subjects like Sex education; To avoid crimes like rape, one should educate people about sex and keep things open for conversation. Some general topics like Periods; Every girl has it every month, so I don't think it is something to be ashamed of or something you shouldn't talk about as it’s a natural process and change in the body of girls.

In topics like Drugs,

Awareness and banning of drugs are necessary because the youth is destroying themselves by indulging in these harmful practices.

In the case of abortion,

If parents are not ready to bring a child to this world, then it is ultimately their choice, and we are no one to pass a judgment on that.

These were some of the taboo topics. Let us know if you liked them in the comment section below.

Be happy and be safe ☺️

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