Are parents open to unconventional career options?

05 Apr 2021

Are parents open to unconventional career options?


" We are creators, innovators,

Not scientists, doctors, or engineers,

But musicians, painters, poets, writers...

We are the novels that you read,

We are poems that you recite,

We are the songs that you are humming,

We are the paintings you admire,

We are artists,

Just want to be recognized as valuable."


Life is like mathematics; to work out your life, you need formulas that suit your uniqueness. We all understand that our parents want what is best for our future and ensure that we have a stable career with fewer struggles. Having gone through this process, parents help keep their children from making mistakes in selecting a career. They need to be facilitators and not influence their choices.

Our country’ considers stable jobs to be provided in the science and commerce stream, whereas art is equally providing many jobs.

With a more dynamic educational environment wherein the children are taught to be independent and take decisions independently, the parent’s role diminishes. Involved parents know their children the best, and vital information about new career paths and career choices can facilitate career selection for them.

Poets like Rabindranath Tagore, Writers like Chetan Bhagat, and singers like Sonu Nigam have had their struggles but were at peace with their jobs at the end of the day.

It is not about stability today, it is about dedication and passion towards your dreams, and they will all come true.???? For the young minds, their careers are more of their interests and curiosity. It’s not stability; they want to enjoy what they do and pursue it.

Creativity is a blessing and can be turned into a career if one is intensely passionate about it. People with imagination and talent are rare. Therefore, one should be grateful for the skills and not be demotivated by society. Paintings bring a wave of emotions to the audience through colours. Novels and poems send the audience to a different world, and music makes people forget the pain and sorrows as long as the music is on.

It's high time to give and ensure respect for all those artists who consider this stream of a career equally important.


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Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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