Introducing Children to Mindfulness

05 Apr 2021

Introducing Children to Mindfulness


"Childhood is the age of innocence,

A place where no one worries about career, future..."

A child is like wet clay, which can be moulded into beautiful personalities. Teaching at an early age is a necessity and helps in the proper development of personality. We have to prepare our children for both personal and professional lives.

Education about good and bad touch is essential for young children. Sexual abuse is horrifying because your body is not hurt physically, but the contact breaks you emotionally both in childhood and adulthood. To recover from it takes a lifetime, so better to be educated and be vocal about it. Similarly, online and offline academic courses help in enriching the students with knowledge. The education about being aware of the environment and respect for people whose behaviour is good enough to be respected (because one should never consider age but behaviour when giving respect) should be given to children at a young age.

With all the education, one should be creative and physically active; therefore, one should participate actively in co-curricular activities.

All kinds of knowledge and experience will make a child a successful and appreciable person.

Mindfulness isn’t necessary at a young age, but it has many benefits for a child. Mindfulness affects not only the mind but the body as well. In many aspects of our psychological well-being, mindfulness improves our mood, increases positive emotions, and decreases our anxiety, emotional reactivity, and job burnout. Mindfulness may impact the body by affecting our hearts, brains, immune systems, and more. ​It helps in the future well-being of a person. Mindfulness can be done through meditation as well. For hyperactive children, it has been seen a meditation helps them in controlling their actions.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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