Heart Felt

04 Feb 2021

Heart Felt


Heart Felt

A few heartfelt words from us to melt your heart. You may be shielding your genuine emotions, but it is necessary to let down at times so that you don’t harm yourself. Enjoy

Sometimes I feel happy but deep down, every part of my body screams.

It screams in anger and in pain,

I sit alone just wondering

Will everything be okay?

Sometimes I am lost in numbness,

Running away from pain, people, and sometimes myself,

Trapped in my own thoughts,

They who say to open up are the ones to break the trust,

Tell me, what do I do?

I let it kill me slowly; it’s peacefully ripping me apart,

No feelings, no issues

Just you and your thoughts, loneliness,

So, I try to divert myself,

Divert my mind from all the deadly thoughts,

Divert me from all the toxic people,

Divert me from anything and everything that tries to bring me down,

That's where I feel the wave of emotions hit me again,

The love, the care no more numbness,

Because sometimes it's only me who can heal myself,

Because sometimes death can not do justice,

Let’s talk about it.

You’re in trouble, I can see it,

Your parents are anxious because they can see it,

Your friends ask about you and

You say, “I’m fine, thank you,”

But are you really okay?

Can’t tell the truth because the portrayal of weakness is wrong.

Does it feel good to keep everything inside?

It doesn’t  then talk to someone outside,

Why are you so hesitant?

Why is this resistance?

Do you think about what society says?

The same society that’ll ask you to ignore and devote yourself to the almighty,

Wrong is ignoring mental health and calling it a day,

Maybe sharing everything with strangers isn’t the solution,

Talk to a friend or family, who might understand your situation,

And if you feel it doesn’t work,

That’s not a reason to get hurt,

Write it down, publicize it,

It’s not easy, I know, but you should try it,

I know Healing takes time

But you’re one of the strongest here; you and your mind

The heart is not left behind,

Your heart brings your sunshine,

Abandoned my thoughts, they praised.

Still, I didn't take to the war, seemingly waged,

I fettled to the ground,

Beneath the surrounded grip of bound.

Again the impediments took the shape of a mound.

I took to the revolt,

As I was a dolt

Felt like everything will be rolled.

Issues become bolder.

Pragmatic efforts failed,

Thoughts again jailed,

Perspectives veiled,

Problems hailed.

Living in a nightmare,

There is a lot to bear,

Better not to share,

To survive here.

Author : Homeflicwegrow

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