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04 Feb 2021

Time to Talk


Time to Talk

Meninism: Do we really need it?

Feminist movements are thriving and reacting to an increasingly misogynistic society in which gender stereotyping is common and rightly so. Individuals shouldn't be limited by presumptions and attitudes towards their gender, and many men have realized this. Yet, male concerns about gender stereotyping shouldn't stop at liberation, for women-gender norms can affect men in equally damaging ways. Perhaps a new movement has come into existence to confront the operation men face meninism. Some men who are feminists (FeManists) consider themselves a direct ally to the feminist movement but feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason, with allying themselves directly with the feminist movement. The critical failure is that feManists don’t understand that everyone benefits from feminism. In this way, the feManist, anxious about taking up too much space in the feminist movement, seeks to situate himself in a space that provides as much freedom to men as possible while also seemingly “doing the right thing.” FeManists make this distinction because they don’t feel comfortable playing second fiddle to a movement that seeks power at the extant structure’s expense.

Now we know that feminism stands for equal rights and opportunities for everyone. Still, many feminists have turned into "pseudo feminists.” This very word has been trending on social media for a couple of years now; pseudo-feminist is infamous for totally disregarding the differences between men and women. But feminists bring up some important points to our attention:

1. Men in our society are taught to be strong both physically and mentally. You must have often heard a phrase that a man doesn't feel pain, and if a man gets emotional, people to say 'why are you crying like a girl. Such notions somewhat depict that a male is not a human rather a supernatural creature who just has pride and anger and strength in his default settings.

2. Based on an amalgamation of various surveys, every 1 out of 10 girls go through sexual abuse in a school, which we know exists and take up steps. But are we aware or even bothered to accept that every 1 out of 19 boys is also being traumatized sexually. Why should we bother after all because he is a man, and he would have fought back easily? I am afraid it doesn't work that way.

3. Less than 20% of married Indian women work full time where more than 90% of men work a full-time job. Whenever you talk to a woman who has been married, a most common stance that has been heard is ' I expect my husband to earn at least 1Lakh rupees a month' and why should it not be expected after all girls are not being educated to be independent. In contrast, it’s often shown that a man has to be the sole breadwinner for the family. Boys have to choose a "secure" and "highly paying" job no matter whether it's in the field of their passion or not.

After reading this, I know what you're thinking, " are you a feminist?" And the answer is not yet. It is because we live in India. First-world countries have near-equal opportunities for all genders. Still, in our country, you have to be lucky enough to be born in a 'progressive' family to get an education, especially if you are a female.

So do we need meninism? No, but only if we remember the real essence of feminism, i.e., not fighting for women but fighting for equality. Why differentiate or even call man or woman? Call potential humans instead. Let us keep it that way. Let's not confuse feminism and understand that there is no need for meninism.

Author : Homeflicwegrow

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