Skills that Indian students lack

04 Feb 2021

Skills that Indian students lack


It is correctly said that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. And the education system of India has countless loopholes which are yet to be filled. This leads to lack of skills among the students of our country. But which skills, you ask?

Undoubtedly, soft and hard skills. I would say that every Indian student lacks communication skills to some extent. I would blame this on our education system as it never let us question things.

Rot learning and byhearting and not asking the teachers the “illogical” question has paralyzed the curiosity and urge to learn and develop. One skill that many Indian students are adept at is memorizing. We have been memorizing our answers and textbooks since a very young age and have now become adroit at it.

This is where things go wrong. The lack of communication skills has its roots in our education system as in most of our childhood classrooms, it was the teacher who spoke and the students who nodded obediently. while we all are taught that communication is a two-way process.

Another skill Indian students are deprived of is a lack of practical knowledge. The term getting our hands dirty applies to Indian students only when our pens leak and the ink stains our hands. Writing and decorating our answer sheets is something we are all proficient at.

Curiosity and the ability to question is a skill of the most successful people in the world. And the deficiency of these abilities stands as a strong barrier in the way


    of our success. This is the reason behind a smaller number of entrepreneurial opportunities existing in India, as an entrepreneur is someone who is curious enough to find the solution to a problem.

Also, the lack of taking efficient decisions is something where Indian students are hesitant and shaky about. The cause of this is too much involvement of parents and elders in all our life decisions. Right since our birth to our marriage, it is the parents who try to make all our decisions and expect us to abide by them. This leads to apprehensive decision making in our jobs and careers as employees or managers.

If more focus is given to the development of these skills, the youth of this nation can do wonders along with the tremendous number of blessings that India has in the form of resources. Skill development of students should not be considered as an expense but as an investment in the countries youth that is capable of creating the monstrous amount of revenue. Indians are blessed with the best of brains which if used in the correct manner, can become our country’s greatest assets.

Author : Homeflicwegrow

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