27 Sep 2021





There are assumptions made that talking to women or communicating with one is tricky. But is it that difficult? It’s not entirely complicated. It’s not as tricky as men/ boys make it sound. Here, we have brought a few tips on how a woman communicates and how you can communicate without having issues, no matter your relationship with her.


The foundation and path to have a successful relationship with anyone are through communication. It is the foundation of any relationship, whether with your partner, sibling, friend, or parent. When you are dealing with the opposite gender, we assume that we are experts in successful communication. The bottom line is that men and women communicate differently, just what they have acquired in their lifetime or primarily biological. When it comes to having good communication, men are destitute at it, but at the same time, women are no better either. You should know that if you think you are a master at communicating, you have fictitious thoughts inside your head. Communication should seem essential to men, yet they fail to understand women, or maybe they just do not execute it properly.


Be an active listener -

Women may sometimes say things that may not seem as important to you, but they are essential to them. Let her open up to you on what she has on her mind. She is telling you for a reason. Being patient while listening is key to having a successful outcome in your conversation. While you are patient, you need to focus on what she is telling you and her gestures. Active listening isn't just about being attentive, but watching her body language and looking into her eyes. You may want to give inputs or say something during the conversation, but sometimes all she wants is to listen and give her some feedback when it is all said and done. Let her have the last word in the conversation. It is not a sign of weakness, and it won't diminish your masculinity.


Women are not direct -

When saying that women are not direct, it's not about being honest. Men get straight to the point most of the time when speaking. Women do not want to be rushed. They cannot think of things to say on the spot, but apparently, a guy can conjure up words out of thin air. Women think long and hard about our conversations. When you suddenly spring something onto a female, and you do not receive the best answer or get a long pause as a response, it is because they have not had time to think about it. Women need time to consider what they will say, so sometimes women beat around the bush. They sometimes need more comfort and a little push to express how they feel or tell you what is in their mind.


When she says she wants to talk, it means you are close to her -

When a woman says she wants to talk to you, it does not always mean something is wrong. Women just want to speak and be closer. They believe in being involved deeper in their relationships instead of always talking about surface-level questions or topics. If a woman says she wants to talk to you, you should take that as a compliment because she lets you inside of her thoughts and is ready to let down her guard.


 She's going to want to know what's on your mind -

If a woman values or considers you close to her. She will take the words you tell her, be it advice, compliments, or scoldings, to heart. They know they can completely let their guards down once they see what is on your mind. They do not consider it a weakness when you tell them how you think, be it out of concern or care or worry or anything. But instead, as a blanket of happiness that covers them.



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