Effect of Beauty Influencers on Youth

14 Sep 2021

Effect of Beauty Influencers on Youth


Effect of Beauty Influencers on Youth

“All that glitters is not gold”

The definition of beauty is highly subjective. It changes from person to person. For someone “beauty” is all about looks, for someone it is about personality, for someone it is about how a person treats everyone around him. But if we look, In our society, there are standards or bars set for “beauty”.

Apart from all the profession, there is an addition of one more and that is “Content creators” or “Influencers” who basically create pictures/videos/graphics of a specific niche i.e, Lifestyle, food, fashion, travel and beauty. Brands are also prefers to collaborate with influencers over traditional celebrities as they wants to target youth.

There is no risk in saying that most of the youths spend maximum time on social media platforms, social media is itself an influencer.

The effect of social media influencers on youth may have both desirable and undesirable. The sponsored content is easily blended with the normal content, influencer marketing is on rise and is affecting purchasing power of youth, Specifically in the beauty industry, if we look in a positive way there is so much to learn about how to turn your passion into profession, how you can monetize your content, how things work in a practical world, But there is an another side to it. Youths somewhere feel they don`t “fit” into the criteria of “beauty”. There is framework on how an individual should look like, how he carries himself, the size, height, the colour, the body type.

In a nutshell, some influencers fake perfect bodies and perfect lives. So youngsters compares them with those influencers and feels insecure about their body or their lifestyle. It is important to understand the fact that, every individual is born and bought up differently and this affects their food habits, their looks, their lifestyle and it is perfectly “normal” to be imperfect. The world that we see on social media is not completely true. What you see on Instagram is filtered, planned, captured on HD devices. It is crucial to understand that everybody type is “BEAUTIFUL”

In conclusion, You have to be happy and confident about just the way you are, accept your flaws, and flaunt them.


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