Is MEDIA more important than EMOTIONS?

10 Sep 2021

Is MEDIA more important than EMOTIONS?


Is MEDIA more important than EMOTIONS?


Indian Media has been always questioned for being so unsympathetic. We have come across clips and media coverage that seems to prove that emotions stand nowhere in front of media. May it be some celebrity’s wedding or funeral, media arrives the first to not miss any update. That is what media does, it gives us updates of the events happening around in the world but why at the cost of someone’s privacy?

We have seen Indian Media being present at various celebrity weddings or happy occasions. And we have also seen them at funerals of celebrities and various unhappy occasions. Last year, when Sushant Singh Rajput passed away and immediately after that when the drugs case catched everyone’s eye under which many Bollywood stars had been accused, Media had been after each and every celebrity at that time, asking them weird questions and putting allegations on them without confirmation. It is a fact that media gets more views and money when they add more spice to the articles or news, but they completely forget about the reputation and the feelings of the person they accuse or portray.

Recently, the news of Actor Siddarth Shukla passing away shocked everyone, especially his family and friends. But the media took it as a chance to gain more views out of it. The family and close friends of Siddarth Shukla were surrounded by reporters and videographers at his funeral and were being asked various weird questions. Does this act of the Indian Media justify the right to privacy of a person? Don’t those people have their personal life? Can’t they be given time to handle their emotions?

It is completely and clearly understood that the work of the media is to keep us updated with the news and things happening around the world but not at all in exchange of someone’s privacy and emotions. The media should respect people’s privacy and stop taking the mishappenings in their lives as a great chance to earn fame to their channels. It should learn to respect people’s privacy until the time they themselves open up about things. 

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