Are miracles real ?

07 Sep 2021

Are miracles real ?


Are Miracles Real?

The year went by making us all miserable,

We lost friends, jobs and relations,

Stayed strong in search of hope,

A fake smile could bring joy to others,

A stress-free attitude could bring someone courage,

Then at the end of year came a pup,

She was my bundle of joy,

She made me feel like no other in the world,

Her whining at night was troubling,

But all the late-night talks with her was priceless,

We named her coco,

Just like her name was her stay with us - bittersweet,

She was my miracle,

My Coco.


Miracles are those incidents that seem to defy logic, like walking on water or healing the terminally ill. Anything that defies logic is attributed to divine intervention and we have the makings of a miracle. Such miracles are rare and few are fortunate to witness them.


Little miracles happen to us every day and we look through them. We are all blessed with plenty of them. I lost my gold bracelet and noticed it was gone only the next day. The odds were not in my favor. I had lost it on a busy street. Still, I went looking for it and found it. You are at work. It’s been raining the whole day and you forgot your umbrella. Just when it’s time to go home it miraculously stops raining. Makes you wonder, you might have a fairy godmother with a magic wand. You forget your wallet at home and you are breaking into a sweat as the bus conductor makes his way to you. You fiddle around in your bag for a stray coin. You find it! You are saved by yet another miracle. You are out window shopping and you see the dress you were coveting on sale at a quarter of the price. You are ecstatic, another miracle!


Miracles happen to us all the time. For some, it’s a miracle just to be alive and see another dawn and for others, it is a miracle to be able to love and be loved in return. Miracles come in different sizes, in different colors and more important they are tailor-made especially for you.


Miracles are like the last drop of water in your bottle when you are in the middle of the dessert. It's like the last chance a person is willing to take which could change his life forever.

I hope you enjoy this and comment down your life's miracles.

Author : Homeflic Wegrow

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