04 Sep 2021




In today’s times, when a students are locked inside four walls and cannot step out due to pandemic. Its crucial to make a best out of this time. It has been said that investing in yourself will pay you in future and your future self will thank you to learn and gain as much knowledge as you can in these times.

Schools and colleges are primary sources for education and formal knowledge, but what lacks here is the informal education which a student needs. Presentation skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, personal hygiene, building a community, having self-opinion is what make an overall personality. Without this, a person is just literate who writes and reads. Holistic development generally refers to connections of mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic approach in education is crucial because it makes the child ready in all aspects. It focuses on the overall growth and development of a student, which includes, physical, social, spiritual, environmental, educational and intellectual.

Holistic development makes a child more confident, opinionated, expressionistic, and challenging which helps a child to face the challenges and demands of everyday life. It takes them one step ahead in the race of success.

It enables a child to look himself with respect of various dimensions, helps them understand what he/she is good at and where he/she needs improvement. Holistic approach when applied to learning makes a child capable of reasoning. It teaches them beyond the view of a classroom, gives them a bird eye view of how things actually work like and how practically world operates. Once all these qualities are infused in a child, he/she becomes more responsible and capable to make his own decisions at an early age. But this development doesn’t take place in a restricted area such as four walls of classroom, it's beyond that.

Every child possesses his own way of learning things, his area of interest, his skills, and that’s what makes him different from others. Every child has its own way of looking at situations. Holistic approach is based on the idea that children can be taught in natural and engaging way by practically putting problems in front of them, instead of figures and theories which are taught in schools and colleges. Holistic education redefines not only what a subject is but also redefines how can it be taught and understood in a different way.

It helps bring out the side of student which kind of hinders in formal education. It teaches them the connections between subjects and how it is used in practical world. Children with holistic development turn out to be innovative adults in their workplace, they think out of the box, it builds communication and presentation skills and teaches them the art of networking which is very crucial in the competitive world.

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