Sports In India: The Want For More

31 Aug 2021

Sports In India: The Want For More


Sports In India: The Want For More

Sports in India has not been regarded as a successful career option by most of the people.  Everyone wants their country to win all the championships may it be Olympics, commonwealth games, world cup, etc. but no one wants to send their children in the field of sports because they think that they will be able to participate in sports until the time they are young and healthy and what will their life be after that. What would have happened if parents of Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic gold medalist would have denied him to join sports? Would we have been the same proud of our country as we are now?

Today, we proudly say that India has been achieving success in the field of sports. Passion is the thing that helps us get success in whichever field we want to.  There are people who have practiced hard day and night to make us feel proud of the country we live in. We have seen sportspersons who have now retired bringing medals and trophies for the country, Are they not living a happy life now? They made the country proud so the government had responsibilities towards them, which it is fulfilling very nicely.

 Whenever India wins the gold or any championship, we become so occupied in celebrating and congratulating the people who won it instead of letting them practice more to get more for the country. The Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra also stated in an interview recently that he had not been able to practice for the upcoming tournaments because he was busy in attending the functions and celebrations. Are we satisfied with just one gold? Don’t we want the sportspersons of our country to get more medals for the country? We should definitely celebrate our victory and success but should get back to track and prepare for the next step. The old thinking should be left behind and we should encourage the children with passion to move ahead in the field of sports.





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