Is India prepared to tame the storm of Mental Illness?

29 Aug 2021

Is India prepared to tame the storm of Mental Illness?


Is India prepared to tame the storm of Mental Illness?

Mental illness and mental health issues have subsequently been on the rise in India and skyrocketed since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. According to The Lancet Public Health 2018, India saw a rise in the number of suicides to a total of 2,30,314. It was found to be the most common cause of death for the population within the age group of 15- 39 years. The suicide rate in India in 2015 at 15.7/100,000 is higher than the regional average of 12.9 and the global average of 10.6.

India makes up nearly 37% of global female suicide deaths and 25% of global male suicide deaths.

There is massive death of professionals in our healthcare system. There is an estimated number of only 0.047 trained psychologists per 1,00,000 people who need mental health care.  One of the major reasons that have been attributed to such a wide treatment gap is the issue of inadequate resources. In India, inadequacy exists in infrastructure as well as in human resources.

Most chronic and debilitating mental illnesses have their onset before 24 years of age when most individuals are a part of the educational system.


Considering that most of the earlier strategies to enhance mental health have not succeeded over the past six decades or more in less-developed countries, the time has come to take on a new approach with renewed vigor. Mental health awareness can become both the means and the way of ending this apathy. Progressive government policies based on evidence-based approaches, and engaged media, a vibrant educational system, a responsive industry, aggressive utilization of newer technologies, and creative crowd-sourcing might together help dispel the blight of mental illnesses.

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